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Do you have a problem with your Laptop or PC? Does it have viruses and take long to start up? Or do you have an issue with your Laptop or PC you are not happy about? Then pop down to Akoyatech and we will be happy to help you! Read More

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Specialised Services

HARDWARE PROBLEMS: AKOYATECH is capable of providing IT solutions, products and services for not only customers but also businesses throughout the UK. We can help businesses enhance their performance through the integration, delivery and support of the best hardware and networking solutions available in today's market.
We believe in a core product strategy which focuses on the supply of Compaq, IBM, NEC, Hewlett-Packard, Toshiba, Cisco, Nortel, Novell, Lotus and Microsoft solutions. Strong and well-managed partnerships with these key vendors enable us to provide a quality service to our clients. We deliver competitive and effective IT solutions and have the skills to offer advice and consultation with you to support and manager your IT infrastructure.
This is all achieved with the help of our experienced team of IT professionals, which allows us to offer a fully comprehensive service, advice on logistics and configuration and delivery.
Take Complete Control of your Computer Communications.
We can also provide bespoke software for your business.
Please contact us today we will return to you with a competitive quote.

Our Standards

•We can supply all your software needs, from the basics (e.g. Windows, MSOffice) through to utilities (e.g. Anti-Virus, Adobe Products, etc. We offer a specialised advice service to assist you in selecting the right product. We can also provide training services if required and software installation call outs.
•With over 10 years experience in user support, we can ensure the best possible solutions are tailored to your needs.

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•Supply OEM software without supplying a PC, or computer hardware.
•Mischannel (where software is distributed to users who do not qualify for special licenses - such as academic institutions)
•Use copied discs
•Use Fake Licensing - The End-User License Agreements (EULAs) we supply are genuine
•Use 'Hard disk loading' (where one copy of a software program is installed illegally on many machines)
•Use 'grey imports' (goods not for sale within this country)
•Use counterfeit goods - we only buy from reputable, known sources
Please contact us today either on 01922 474 405, or use our contact form and we will return to you with a competitive quote.
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•Supply you with legal software
•Offer you or your business the best possible impartial advice to save money
•Assist with any licensing issues you may already have.
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